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Nonkakus is Africa,
From head to toe


We are an Angolan footwear brand that honors its culture, its land and its people. The name Nonkakus derives from expressions used by Bantus peoples that mean “footwear” or “shoe”. By 2000 BC, the first Bantus departed from southeastern Nigeria and expanded throughout southern Africa. They were farming peoples, hunters, gatherers, and herders. Their influence on the Continent is profound, not only in the Bantu languages but also in the art and culture of the countries through which they passed.

Nonkakus is not only an expression of individuality, but also a tribute to the history of Africa, its people and its traditions.

We are from all who dare to be, from those who do not define themselves in one word. That’s why we reinvent culture and push the present into this future being. We want you to feel the sun of Africa in each of our plays and the joy and smiles of our people.

Nonkakus  is for all. We are Africa, from head to toe.

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